Anti-MERS-CoV ELISA and IIFT: First commercial tests worldwide for the determination of antibodies against MERS coronavirus in humans and camels.


The Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) was first reported in humans in 2012 and is caused by a novel coronavirus (MERS-CoV). So far, all MERS-CoV infections have originated in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. To date, more than 1000 cases worldwide of human infection with MERS-CoV have been confirmed, of which more than 370 have proved fatal.

Little is known yet about the way MERS-CoV is transmitted. In most cases, secondary infections were contracted in hospitals. Moreover, a zoonotic transmission to humans is discussed: in the Arab region and some African countries, the seroprevalence in camels is very high, so that infected camels are suspected as reservoir for the pathogen and potential source of sporadic infections in people.

EUROIMMUN offers test systems for the detection of antibodies against MERS-CoV in human and veterinary diagnostics. These are excellently suited as screening tests for acute diagnostics and for epidemiological studies.

The Anti-MERS-CoV IIFT (IgG, IgM) is based on MERS-CoV-infected eukaryotic cells and the Anti-MERS-CoV ELISA (IgG) on purified S1 antigens of MERS-CoV.Owing to this, a high sensitivity and specificity is achieved.

Anti-MERS-CoV-IIFT (IgG, IgM)FI 2604-1005 G / M
FI 2604-1010 G / M
Anti-MERS-CoV-ELISA (IgG)EI 2604-9601 G
Anti-MERS-CoV-IIFT Camel (IgG)FI 2604-1010 GK
Anti-MERS-CoV-ELISA Camel (IgG)EI 2604-9601 GK
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