Designer antigens – customised for laboratory diagnostics

Naturally occurring antigens that are not perfectly suited for the use in diagnostic test systems, can be modified by means of genetic methods to obtain maximum effectiveness: The result is so-called designer antigens. The designer antigens are developed and produced in EUROIMMUN research laboratories. Compared to naturally occurring antigens, they offer many advantages:

  • They are highly specific: Regions that may lead to undesired cross reactions are specifically switched off
  • They are extremely sensitive: Antigen epitopes are multiplied, so that there are more binding sites for the antibodies
  • They are customised explicitly for their application: Antibody binding sites of different antigens are combined into one fusion protein

Designer antigens are currently used in test systems for the diagnosis of the following diseases:

DiseaseTest systemOrder number
Bullous pemphigoidAnti-BP180-NC16A-4X ELISAEA 1502-9601-2 G
Primary biliary cirrhosisAnti-M2-3E-ELISAEA 1622-9601 G
Wegener’s granulomatosisAnti-PR3-hn-hr-ELISAEA 1201-9601-2 G
Coeliac diseaseAnti-Gliadin (GAF-3X)-ELISAEV 3011-9601 G
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