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EUROIMMUN uses cookies in order to enhance your experience on our website and ensure that our website functions.

You can visit this page at any time to learn more about cookies, get the most up to date information on how we use cookies and manage your cookie settings. We will not use cookies for any purpose other than the ones stated, but please note that we reserve the right to update our cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device (computer or mobile) when you access a website. Cookies are used in order to make websites function and work efficiently, and the use of cookies is standard on most websites. Cookies can also be used to provide information to the cookie owners. Our Cookies do not reveal any personal information.

What are the different types of cookies?

This website uses two types of cookies:

  1. First party cookies. For our website, the first party cookies are controlled and maintained by EUROIMMUN. No other parties have access to these cookies.
  2. Third party cookies. These cookies are implemented by organizations outside EUROIMMUN. We do not have access to the data in these cookies, but we use these cookies to improve the overall website experience.

How do we use cookies?

This website uses cookies for two purposes:

  1. Certain cookies are necessary for our website to function. These are strictly necessary cookies and are required to enable website access, support navigation or provide relevant content. These cookies direct you to the correct country, and support security and ecommerce. Strictly necessary cookies also enforce your privacy preferences. Without these strictly necessary cookies, much of our website will not function.
  2. Analytics cookies are used to track website usage. This data enables us to improve our website usability, performance and website administration. In our analytics cookies, we do not sore any personal identifying information.

Cookies help us help you. Through the use of cookies, we learn what is important to our visitors and we develop and enhance website content and functionality to support your experience. Much of our website can be accessed if cookies are disabled, however certain website functions may not work. And, we believe your current and future visits will be enhanced if cookies are enabled.

Which cookies do you use and how can I manage my cookie settings?

There are two ways to manage cookie preferences.

  1. You can set your cookie preferences on your device or in your browser.
  2. You can set your cookie preferences at the website level. Please find below the list and descriptions of all cookies currently in use on this website. You may manage your preferences for our analytics cookies by accepting or declining the cookie status below.


Protection of your privacy is an important concern for EUROIMMUN, to learn more, please review our Privacy Policy.

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