Eonis Q96

The Eonis Q96 (Manufacturer: Revvity, Inc.) is a quantitative real-time PCR thermal cycler for analyses in 96-well format with accurate real time results.

The 96-well PCR plate with a sample volume between 10 and 100 µL can be conveniently inserted into the easily accessible sample drawer. The heating block made of silver with gold coating ensures fast heating and cooling cycles as well as high temperature homogeneity over all 96 wells due to its thermal conductivity properties. The motorised heated lid with precise contact pressure prevents condensation, thus avoiding losses of sample volume. The fibre-optic system with 4 long-life LEDs and the high-performance optics enable homogeneous excitation of the fluorescent dyes in all individual samples for the best possible quantum yield. The signals are received by the detection module with 6 different colour filter modules, so that multiplex PCRs with different probes can be analysed with the Eonis Q96.

The Eonis Q96 is operated with an intuitive control software that can also be connected to the software EURORealTime Analysis for secure and convenient evaluation.

  • Convenient insertion and removal of the 96-well PCR plate due to the freely accessible sample drawer
  • Fast heating and cooling cycles and high temperature homogeneity over the entire heating block
  • Homogeneous excitation without edge effects and readout of 96 samples in only 6 seconds
  • Bidirectional connection to the software EURORealTime Analysis for secure data transfer

  • Specifications

    Loading96-well PCR plates and PCR strips
    Sample volume10 – 100 μl
    Speedapprox. 6 s / measurement with six dyes
    Dynamic range10 log levels
    Measurement principlefibre-optic shuttle system
    Light source4 high-performance LEDs (blue, green, white, red)
    Detectorhigh-sensitivity photomultiplier tube (PMT)
    Emission wavelength524 ± 12 nm, 565 ± 12 nm, 586 ± 12 nm, 610 ± 12 nm, 680 ± 12 nm, 710 ± 12 nm
    Heating block materialgold-plated silver
    Heating capacitymin. 1 °C / s, max. 8 °C/s
    Cooling capacitymax. 5.5 °C / s
    Temperature rangeheating block: 4 – 99°C; heated lid: 30 – 110°C
    Temperature homogeneity55 ± 0.15 °C, 72 ± 0.25 °C, 95 ± 0.5 °C (each after 15 s)
    Accuracy of temperature setting0.1°C / s
    Temperature increase / cyclemin. 0.1 °C, incl. gradient function
    Reaction time increase / cyclemin. 0.1s
    Compatible operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC (64 bits)
    ConnectionLAN, USB-A
    Power supply100 / 115 / 230 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz, 950 W
    Dimensions (WxDxH)310 mm x 345 mm x 613 mm
    Weightapprox. 38 kg

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EonisTM Q96

Eonis Q96

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